Near Field Communication (NFC) Business Cards with LED!

A custom designed business card that works with all of the latest Android and iPhones using NFC. Holding the business card up to the phone will automatically transfer contact information to the phone. And the LED on the back in the lightbulb will light up being powered by the energy from the NFC phone!

0-15v Signal Generator

Built with the purpose to be used for debugging, this device can generate any voltage between 0V – 15V with < 2% error. And has an output current capability of 300mA.


  • Up to 15V range
  • 300mA output
  • Battery life can last for days (powered by two 18650 li-ion batteries)
  • OLED screen
  • Pocket Sized

4- Channel Video Switch

This four channel multiplexer allows the user to switch between one of four channels to output. The intent of this design was to be used on the Toyota Tacoma so the user can add three cameras in addition to the factory backup camera. This allows the capability to override the media display and view any camera at anytime while driving.


  • <2mA while idle
  • Overcurrent/overvoltage protect with resettable fuses
  • Plug and play connectors

Flight Computer/Recorder

This device fuses GNSS, IMU, and Barometer data to create an accurate and precise position of the user at all times. The purpose of this device is to act as a variometer, to indicate via sound to the user of up and down acceleration, and as flight recorder. This is useful to paragliders to indicate if they are rising in a thermal or not.


  • 60+ hour battery life
  • EINK Display to reduce battery life
  • 9-DOF IMU
  • Barometer
  • Audible alerts for up and down acceleration
  • Low Power GPS
  • Ultra-compact design to easily fit in the palm of your hand

Solar Powered Variometer

A tiny and simple version and first gen of the previous project, this simple device only uses are barometer to detect up and down motion. A loud auditable alert can easily be heard when up and down acceleration is detected. A solar panel is used to charge the device, even when flying, giving this almost infinite battery life.

3G Remote Weather Station

Paragliding in remote places has it challenges, especially when the weather can be unpredictable. Having a weather station on top of the mountain where you launch from can be incredibly useful and help to determine if the conditions are safe. This custom made 3G weather station reports back wind speed/ direction, temperature, humidity and battery life to a server so anyone can video the data. The default is for the weather station to send data capture at 1 minute increments to the server every 15 minutes (this can be changed video the GUI on the website). The REST API and website was all created from the ground out, incorporating HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL and PHP.